5 features of a good dishwasher

High energy class
How can we wash as much as possible with the lowest energy consumption – is this even possible? The high energy classes guarantee the low consumption of electricity, meaning greater efficiency, and you paying less while still helping the natural environment. The most effective dishwashers are of the A class, with one, two or three pluses. A dishwasher of the highest energy class of A+++ uses only 0.83 kWh per washing cycle. Compared with an A class dishwasher this means saving as much as 93 kWh per year. What do you gain? You could have 6,200 cocktails prepared with a hand blender. Or simply pay a lower electricity bill. Isn’t it smart? 

Low water consumption
Ecology and economy – working together for your benefit. The highest-class of dishwashers guarantee high quality washing combined with low water consumption. Depending on the model, the consumption may range from 9 to 15 litres. This translates directly to the cost – even less than for handwashing. To wash 14 sets of dishes manually means using more than 100 l of water and 3 kWh of energy. The same can be washed by a Hansa dishwasher using only 10 l of water and less than 1 kWh. When choosing a machine, look for models that consume small quantities of water while guaranteeing high washing efficiency. Avoid paying high bills; enjoy your perfectly clean dishes instead.

Flexibility in loading 
You choose how to organise the space. The Flexi Space function allows the easy adaptation of the interior to suit bigger dishes. Sometimes, however,you may need to do a wash without a full load, this is when you can usethe Half Load function. What does it do? You load just one rack, and the dishwasher works only on that level. With the sequential sprinkler operation, all dirt is effectively removed, using little water. You get to do the washing, whenever you want.

Practical equipment
Do you need a dishwasher where you can re-arrange the interior? You’ll find this with Hansa. With adjustable rack heights, an additional cutlery drawer and foldable rack elements, the washer's capacity can be increased as required. The upper Maxi Space 3 cutlery drawer allows more space in the lower rack while the foldable parts of the lower rack make it possible to wash very large dishes and pots. This may also be done with the upper rack. The additional options available with Hansa dishwashers guarantee the ease and speed of washing in all situations.

Overflow protection 
This dishwasher function guarantees safe use, because it prevents accidental flooding in the kitchen. In Hansa dishwashers, this role is played by the Aqua Stop system, which automatically disconnects the water from the supply. So, even if the dishwasher breaks down, no water will leak out of it, so there is no risk of potentially dangerous short circuits, while your floor remains clean and dry.

Remember these 5 basic dishwasher features and you can be certain of making the right choice when buying one. 

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