Refrigerators: kings of the kitchen

When buying a refrigerator, we need to consider how much room we can spare in our kitchen. This will determine the overall dimensions of the unit: height, width and depth. Another point to consider is whether we want a built-in or a free-standing model. And don't forget about the door direction: the handle should be within the arm's reach to make life in the kitchen easier.

Harmoniously integrated
We might opt for a refrigerator and freezer unit that can be built into the furniture, especially if we would like to utilise the space above the refrigerator. A built-in unit also works great in minimalist kitchens where the fronts of the appliances and units create a uniform, smooth surface.

Proudly isolated
If we just want to replace our old fridge and don't care about built-in design, we can go for a free-standing model. In this case we still need to decide on the colour. Hansa offers several colour options, including white and inox. The Touchscreen panel on the door complements the visual effect and makes using it easier: we don't need to open the fridge to control all the useful functions, such as the SuperFreezeSuperCool and Holiday functions.

Big needs, big fridges
The Hansa range of refrigerators includes units of various sizes and heights, as well as small, single door refrigerators and freezer units, standard double door units (with separate doors for the fridge and freezer sections), and side-by-side units.
The refrigerator size normally depends on the needs of our household. The larger our family is, the larger unit we'll need. A large fridge also makes life easier if we prefer to buy in bulk and shop less frequently. Capacious refrigerator and freezer units, especially side-by-side models, are likewise an excellent choice if we have no cellar or pantry. The Flexi Space system found in Hansa refrigerators enables us to arrange the fridge interior ourselves to provide extra room for storage.