The coolest place at home

It doesn't get cooler than that
When choosing a freezer pay attention to the freezer class, indicated by star symbols. Each star means another minus 6 degrees. All Hansa freezers have a freezer class of ****, meaning they are capable of going as low as -24°C, a temperature suitable for deep freezing of products and storing them for over 1 year.

Having a freezer unit does not necessarily mean regular defrosting. Hansa freezers with NoFrost technology ensure a continuous flow of cool air to prevent ice and frost build-up on the walls. This also means we don't need to remove deep chilled food for defrosting, with the potential loss of freshness.
Other solutions featured in Hansa units to protect frozen food are the open door and high temperature alarms, triggered when the inside temperature goes above -13 °C, e.g. due to a power outage.

Superfast defrosting
Defrost seasonal fruit and vegetables with the SuperFreeze function to keep as many nutrient values as possible. Or use the Party function to cool drinks in 10 minutes to keep the party going. The ice maker will also come in handy – and leave our guests impressed.

Maximum space utilisation
Cramped and cumbersome freezer drawers are a thing of the past. Enjoy plenty of storage space with the advanced freezers from Hansa. The BigBox drawers offer enough room to store bulky products and many small food containers. A single BigBox holds up to 4,000 ice cubes and 1,600 strawberries.

Hansa freezers are available in many energy efficiency class options. We recommend class A++, which saves up to 40% more energy than class A. The A++ performance is particularly noteworthy in the summer, when the cooling system works more intensively due to the high temperatures outside, as well as when we frequently open the unit and allow warm air inside. 

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